Ferrari Test Drive

ferrari test drive in Italy

Ferrari Test Drive

How to do a Ferrari Test Drive

If you want discover Italy with all its beauties in a unique way, if you’re madly curious to know how to do a Ferrari test drive in Italy and if you’re looking for a non-conventional experience, you’re definitely on the right site!

The Origins

Learning about the origins of Ferrari is the first step to your thrilling Ferrari test drive.

“Ferrari” is an Italian car company founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1947 in Maranello, a city located in Emilia Romagna’s region. It produces sport and racing cars, and is one of the companies most widely engaged in worldwide auto racing. The official symbol is a prancing horse, which is derived from the original model used on the biplane of the Italian aviator Francesco Baracca, during World War I. From then the prancing horse remains Ferrari’s undisputed logo, painted in black on a yellow background, characterized on the bottom by the acronym: S.F. (“Scuderia Ferrari”) and on the top three stripes that symbolize Italian national colors.


How to do a Ferrari test drive?

Thanks to Italy Tours R Us you can have an extraordinary experience and can do a real Ferrari test drive in Italy during your vacations!

We will give you the opportunity to taste the best of “Made in Italy” by offering our skills, assured professionalism, competence and a first class welcome. You will be guided to through your discovery of the most beautiful roads surrounded by stunning landscapes.

What We Do

Visiting Italy has never been so much fun! Ferrari test drive by Italy Tours R Us, in fact, is an exciting tour created for car lovers that want to find a real adrenaline  filled moment during vacations.

With our Ferrari Experience in Italy Tour, we will give you a stunning new Ferrari so you can discover the best scenery in Italy and feel free to let your hair blow in the wind! Doing your Ferrari Test Drive means you will drive an original race car used for Formula 1. Ferrari car models have the exceptional performance that will make you feel the same emotions as if you are on the racetrack.

Note: the Ferrari test drive tour is organized perfectly and in compliance with road safety regulations.

Now what are you waiting for?

Live an unforgettable experience with us, driving a Ferrari F430. Do not hesitate to contact us to know our offers or receive your personalized estimate! For info, times, prices and bookings visit the tour page about the Ferrari Test Drive tour or read the FAQ about tours.


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