Spend Christmas in Italy

Spend Christmas in Italy - Christmas in Rome - Vatican city

Spend Christmas in Italy

Why You Should Spend Christmas in Italy

There are so many reasons why you and your family should spend Christmas in Italy. Christmas holidays are celebrated with vibrant events and festivals starting with the Immaculate on December 8th to the Epiphany on January 6th.

Epiphany & La Befana

Epiphany, on January 6th, is when children traditionally receive gifts from La Befana, an old woman who flies on a broomstick delivering gifts. Children hang up stockings on January 5 before bedtime to find them filled with treats in the morning. From the religious point, living nativities and processions take place. In Vatican City, hundreds of pilgrims dress in ancient costumes to parade to the Vatican for a special morning mass.

Nativity Scenes

In Italy it is a common tradition for Christmas decorations to be focused on the “presepe” – nativity scenes or Christmas crib scenes. Most churches and homes may have a presepe and some towns have beautiful, extravagant displays. If you are spending Christmas in Italy, it is a must that you see them in Naples and other southern towns.


Christmas Markets in Italy - Spend Christmas in Italy


Christmas Markets

If you love the Christmas holidays, Italy is a great place to bring your family for the season. Many Italian cities have small local markets and even huge daily markets or fairs depending on the town. With lots of interesting street markets, you are bound to find great gifts and skillfully hand crafted items for everyone.

Christmas Foods

Fish and vegetables are normally eaten on “La Vigilia” (Christmas Eve) and then families host a large lunch of traditional dishes on Christmas Day. It is not complete without a lovely “Panettone”, a typical Italian bread lightly sweetened with delicious raisins. And if it’s cold, we suggest you enjoy a nice cup of thick Italian hot chocolate with your loved ones next to a fire.


Typical Italian christmas cake called "panettone" on table with christmas tools - Spend Christmas in Italy


Discover the Alps

If you love nature and the mountains, a good ski trip or snowboarding in the Italian Alps is another splendid reason you have got to spend Christmas in Italy. With over 400 ski areas to choose from throughout the boot, your options are fantastic. Hiking in places with gorgeous scenery of the Alps will simply take your breath away.

Head to the South

Spend Christmas in Italy in a unique way while getting to experience other Italian traditions and legends. The south is not only known for its nativity scenes, but also its handcraft shops, distinct folklore, parades and other exceptional events. As it is warmer in the south, if you are up for it, you can also partake in the traditional Christmas Day swim.


Christmas markets - Spend Christmas in Italy


Irresistible Winter Sales

For fashionistas spending Christmas in Italy, you should definitely fit in a shopping spree in one of the most famous fashion destinations. If you stick around longer than Christmas, the renowned Italian winter sales begin in January and end in February. You will be excited for the expensive brand items available for purchase at lower prices.


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