You should visit Italy in the Winter

You should visit italy in the winter - Piedmont Town covered in snow

You should visit Italy in the Winter

You Should Visit Italy in the Winter Time

There are so many reasons why you should visit Italy in the winter. Benefit from lower prices and less crowded cities. Christmas festivities begin and there is the fantastic Carnival of Venice. Here are our favorite reasons to visit Italy in the winter time.

1. Smaller crowds at attractions
Everyone wants to visit iconic places and attractions like the Colosseum in Rome on their first trip to Italy. If you travel in the winter you avoid the long lines and sweltering hot weather of summer. There is something special and quite moving about having an attraction like the ancient Roman amphitheater almost to yourself.

2. More time in museums and art galleries
Even if you are not a history buff or know much about Italian Renaissance artists, visiting a museum or art gallery is an amazing experience. Gaze at the alfrescoes on the ceilings of gorgeous palaces without rush. Marvel at the sculptures, mosaics, paintings as each tell a tale. And if you’ve got questions, there are more available staff to help you.

You should visit Italy in the Winter - Winter tortellini brodo
Tortellini brodo – soup

3. Indulge in winter foods
Think about all the polenta, soup, risotto, meats, mushrooms and more foods you could enjoy after a full day of sightseeing or skiing in the Italian Alps. Be sure to have some “Panettone”, a typical Italian bread sweetened with raisins. If coffee is not your choice of beverage, have a nice cup of thick Italian hot chocolate.

4. Visit authentic Italian wineries
How could one resist the inspiring sensation of visiting an artisanal winery in the countryside? Take a tour and enjoy the artisanship of multigenerational wineries. Appreciate innovation intertwined with tradition. By September, the harvest is pretty much over so the wines are waiting for you, along with owners who have time to dedicate to intimate tasting experiences.

5. Head to the mountains
If you love hitting the slopes for a good ski trip or snowboarding, this is another good reason you should visit Italy in the winter. There are more than 400 ski areas to choose from throughout the country so the options are endless. Hiking in places with gorgeous scenery a nature lover only dreamed of is also a must.

You should visit Italy in the Winter - skiing in the mountains
Skiing in the mountains

6. Take in the Christmas season
If you love Christmas, Italy is a great place to be for the season. With lots of street markets, you are bound to find great gifts and skillfully hand crafted items. Enchanting nativity scenes can be found all over the country in churches, stores, town squares and other public spaces. Be sure to grab some of the most delicious Italian Christmas pastries too.

7. Vacation in stunning villas
Almost every building in Italy has an intriguing history behind it. Imagine staying in astonishing accommodations that were once a palace or a villa or another alluring location for less than you would in spring and summer. Take advantage of reduced fares without the worry of a hotel being overbooked and risk of no space.

8. Irresistible winter sales
For all the fashionistas planning a shopping spree in one of the most famous fashion destinations, winter is the best season to do it. You should visit Italy in the winter as the winter sales begin in January and end in February. There are crowds and rather determined shoppers but you will be happy with expensive brand items at lower prices.

You should visit Italy in the Winter - Carnival in Venice
Carnival in Venice

9. Carnival in Venice

Travel back in time to the Venetian exploration era with vibrant parties and masquerades in one of the most famous Italian cities. Book early and take in all the intricate details and colors of the costumes and vintage masks. The Grand Canal, art, opera and romantic carnival balls will certainly take your breath away.

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