Top things to do in Venice

Top things to do in Venice

Top things to do in Venice

Here are the top things to do in Venice

Venice is definitely a non-conventional city full of extraordinary places to discover. Quite famous in all the world and loved especially thanks to its magical and romantic atmosphere. We encourage you get lost in the winding beautiful canals as there is so much gorgeous things to see but do not miss out on our top things to do in Venice.

  • Buy a unique souvenir in MURANO

Among the top things to do in Venice, especially if it’s a sunny day, don’t miss the chance to take a ride to Murano, one of the main little island of Veneto’s lagoon. Murano is also called “city of glass”, because of its ancient manufacturing of statues, dishes, vases, trays etc. all rigorously made of refined glass. You can get here by ferry boat in just 35 minutes from Venice’s harbor.


  • Take a ride on a GONDOLA

If you want to really feel the romantic atmosphere of this city, all you have to do is to float on the Venetian canals by gondola. It’s actually the best way to see hidden spots and admire the majesty of the buildings. Want to know more? Well, you can choose between the typical boat of Venice: the “Gondola”, ideal for a romantic tête-à-tête or the (cheapest) ferry boat which is a better choice if you’re a part of a big group.

  • Take a picture on PONTE DEI SOSPIRI

The most famous bridge of the city is the only one of Venice’s 409 bridges that is totally covered. It’s on our top thing to do in Venice’s list mostly because it’s connected to an old true story followed by a legend. The story is about the prisoners which were escorted from jail to court trough the bridge while the legend says that even now, when you cross the bridge you can still hear prisoner’s whispers…


  • Walk through PIAZZA SAN MARCO

Probably the most famous square in Venice, Piazza San Marco has always been recognized as the center of the city where celebrations like parades, tournaments and vibrant festivals occur. Today it attracts lot of visitors thanks to its immeasurable beauty and highlights like “the Basilica di San Marco”, “Piazza dell’orologio”, “Procuratie Vecchie”, the “Campanile” and “Palazzo Ducale” which can be visited.

Last of the top things to do in Venice after an artistic long view of the square is to sit inside “Cafè Florian”where you can have a coffee or an aperitif surrounded by the  most beautiful Venetian styles and art work.

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